Nyruthi Vidhya Bhavan Higher Secondary School  a Hitech World Residential School a new born under Nyruthi institutions provides a nurturing environment that allows children to grow and discover their place in the world. The aim of this institution is to equip the child to meet the challenges of the 21st century with vigour, confidence and knowledge for universal applicability. The shift from rote learning to skill development is the prime focus. The child centered curriculum in Nyruthi Vidhya Bhavan caters to the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the students with a strong base in values. We treat every child as a unique creation admission more career

Admission Procedure

Once you have chosen us, kindly approach us for registration. Then you can sit back and relax, because you have taken a small step in the right direction towards your child’s successful future.

You can be assured that your child will emerge as an eminent personality in the future. ADMISSION TO MAPS IS BASED ON A SYSTEM OF PRIOR REGISTRATION, an entrance examination and a personal discussion with the principal of the school.

  • Registrations form for admission must be filled.
  • Students will be intimated on the date of the entrance test, several weeks ahead.
  • Registrations for classes I to IX will be assessed in English, Mathematics, Science and Tamil/Hindi.
  • All selected students will be intimated by post/e-mail/telephone.
  • Selected students are requested to meet the Secretary and the Principal with their parents.
  • Photo copy of birth/community certificate issued by corporation/municipal authority.
  • Transfer certificate, Aadhar copy , report card of last examination taken (if applicable).
  • Immunity certificate by a qualified physician.
  • Three recent photographs.
  • Understand child’s unique gifts and needs and use a variety of methods to meet those needs.
  • Give much effort to differentiate the education to meet the child at their level and ability.
  • Use music, art, tactile experiments, and enriching projects to promote a deeper understanding of curricular content.
  • Send a weekly email and/or regular correspondence with parents, as well as keep up-to-date assignments thus furthering the partnership between teacher and parent.
  • Honor each child’s inquiry and curiosity of learning; thereby fostering an environment that invites further individual growth, academic success, and goal achievement.
  • Teach a curriculum that is aligned with state content standards and Common Core Standards.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on a regular basis.

Rules & Regulations

  • Be on time for class with homework finished.
  • Be respectful to teachers, staff, and other students.
  • Be willing to learn, ask questions, participate in activities, and try new experiences.
  • Dress neatly and communicate respectfully with others.
  • Be willing to assist their peers when they are struggling with concepts and collaborate in group projects.
  • Be enthusiastic about learning our curriculum.
  • Ensure your child/children arrive at school on time.
  • Assisting student with all homework and reading assignments at home.
  • Students should bring day book(dairy) daily with the parent signature.
  • Communicating frequently with child’s teacher via handbook and office phone to support the teacher in his/her educating role after 3:30pm.
  • Volunteer time and talents to Volunteer time and talents to Malar Ace Public School.
  • Payment of the fee should be made before the due date specified or else defaulter’s fee will be imposed.
  • Parents should not go to the classes directly and not to meet the students, teachers and co-ordinators.
  • Parents should acknowledge all the circulars and information sent by the school.
  • Parents are requested to abide by the school rules/regulations and avoid unnecessary interference.
  • Parents must attend the open house meeting without fail. In case the parent is unable to attend it must be intimated to the class teacher and they have to collect the report card within that week with a prior appointment.

Admission Form