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NYRUTHI VIDHYABHAVAN, was born out of a necessity to make world-class and top of the line quality education accessible and affordable to all. In a journey that spans across over three decades of dedicated service and commitment to the cause of education, what started as a small school in Tiruppur, has now become a pioneer in nurturing young minds in the country, preparing them to excel in every walk of life.

Striking the right balance between personalized and collaborative learning, we take a holistic end-to-end approach to help our students overcome challenges and achieve their learning goals. By creating a progressive and positive learning environment, at Nyruthi, we categorically identify individual talents at an early age and persistently shape them every single day to make sure as adults our students outperform and outshine in their respective vocations and professional life.

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I am sure as you go through this web site, you will have better insight into this abode of education.

Sri. A. M. Kandaswami

Chairman's Message

Education is the process of continuous growth and is lifelong. Educational Institutions should be the home and repository of fresh thoughts and new orientations.Whatever may be the transformation, it will be clear that education has two main aspects – the cultural aspects which make a person grow and, the production aspect which makes a person do things.

These two aspects are not exclusive of each other. Education, science based and coherent with Indian culture and values, alone can provide the foundation for the nation’s security and welfare.

It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction that gives me great pleasure to announce that Sasurie Institutions are developing as centres of excellence for quality professional education, research and training. 

Practical Knowledge
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  • Biology, Mathematics, Arts, and Business.
  • Streams Highly Qualified and Dedicated Staff.
  • Constant Records in State Ranks.
  • Focus On the Overall Development of Students.
  • Modern And Effective Teaching Curriculum.
  • Transportation Facility throughout Tirupur.


We are more than an institution; we are a vibrant community of students, scholars, and teachers.

  • Educational Activities
  • Sports Activities
  • Arts Activities.

Delivering optimal outcomes!

Striving for superior results, we’re dedicated to achieving excellence in all we do. Your success is our chief goal.

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Our Top Features

We prioritize personalized attention to each student, fostering the holistic development of our students.


Celebrating creativity through diverse expressions, artistry, and innovative expressions.


Fueling passion, strength, and excellence to build the best champions on our campus.


Forging collaborations to drive excellence with an optimistic approach to education.

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Hear from our students

Words from our past students who are now excelling in their careers by witnessing various opportunities.

“I wish every school were like Nyruthi School. Every child would benefit from its warm and inviting environment. They stress kindness and being respectful to others. They encourage students like no other school. I cannot say enough good things about it. The increases in her reading and writing are unbelievable.”

Sathish Kumar

“Cambridge School not only focuses on improving my son’s areas of need but also puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his strengths. My child has grown in a way that he never would have at another school due to this excellent individualized and warm environment. They provide rigorous academic challenges,  I am so pleased.”